Here at A1 Alarm & Tint, we have a film to fit into anyone’s budget. Rest assured you will not compromise quality with price. All of our films carry a nationwide lifetime warranty, against turning purple , bubbling and peeling, and they all block 99% of the UV rays. The difference in price will be the amount of heat rejection you are most interested in. We only tint to the legal standards in the state of Texas, which means the following. Front passenger and driver door must be a 25% VLT. The windshield must be a 70% VLT and the back doors and back glass there is no legal limit. Come in today to see all of your film samples, or give us a call so we can quote you specifically for your vehicle.

We also have films available for your sunroof.

Wincos has a 92 % heat rejection
Carbon CXP has a 72% heat rejection
High Perfomance metalized film has a 53% heat rejection.